Dear You,
We met for a reason, He guided me thru you,
He made me decided, To change on the 10th hour,
Though chances are that we're never going to meet again,

p/s: I'll nver be the same, if we ever meet again..:)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Important date of may

Listin all important things happened in this May:-

09th May 2010

For my beloved mom….

Happy mother's day, wish u all in pink health and thanks for everything. proud to be your child, mak…

Happy birthday to me, alhamdulillah..to my dad n mom…thanks a lot for this 20years… I love u more….

11th May 2010

Dearest Kak Chik…

Happy 22th's birthday, kak chik. love you so much. good luck and hopes you will be a great woman someday. :)

15th May 2010

Today, i've deleted my tagged and myspace account for some reasons. Of course, i am satisfied enough n glad to do that.

16th May 2010

Kak Long, all my teachers and lecturers…

Happy Teacher's day. Thank You for the dedication.

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