Dear You,
We met for a reason, He guided me thru you,
He made me decided, To change on the 10th hour,
Though chances are that we're never going to meet again,

p/s: I'll nver be the same, if we ever meet again..:)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

ape nk jadi nyh yatie???

Sem ni sem paling teruk bagi aku sebab:

(1)kelas sokmo g lewat(xla lewat bena, tp lewat jgop la)
(2)banyak kali jgop la x g clas
(3)dalam kelas plok asyik brange, xpom on9, msg..

(4)mlm2 awal2 lg tdow doh(xdop nk study doh)
(5)asgmnt plok trtngguh(kena ngepek ko pnsyarah)
(6)bnyk maen dr ngaji(maen game la, facebuk la)
(7)dok mikir koksir(bue maso jah)

4mggu jh lg nk final..
xready so habok pom lg..
gano nih??
bo la atie...ingt ko mak ayah gak..
ngaji molek la...

ayah+mak+k.long+abg+k.chik+adeq...i love all of u soooo much........
doakan kejayaan atie....
n plis dun stop supportin me,k...c",)

Friday, March 19, 2010

i'm only 19.k!not yet 2o..c",)

Any differences between 19 n 20???yes..no..yes..no..i dunno..juz du hv any idea at all..but…thinkin of it again n again..i’ve found dat 19 is da last stage of teenagers and 20 is da early stage of an adult..so, may I say dat I’m not a gul, bt not yet a woman??lalala~~

Y I nid to think bout dis??argghh….tension!! it’s not because of I can’t believe dat I’m turning into an adult ..but juz wonderin bout da situation r8 now..mmg cmnyh kew when we r in dis age??kalo nyh mmg standard+normal…Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, tabahkanlah hatiku 2 face ol dis hard situation n difficulties…

Kadang2 rasew cm nk kmbali ke zmn kanak2 ribena dlu jewk..best kn jadi budak2..xya nk pk papew..maen..maen..maen…xdew nk pning2 kpale pon..kalo gadowh ngn kwn2 pn, xdew nk lamew2..pas2 msti berbaek smule..yewla..kalo gadowh nk maen ngn sapew..huhu~ nak papew, mntk jew kt mak ayah..bestnye jd budak2..epiiiii slaloo…bley kew,,pnjam doraemon nyer mesin mase???huahuahua~~~

“u need to be realistic cyg”..2 yg dyer ckp kt atty..ok2..realistic..realistic..lipstic..plastic…=p

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Search Is Over...

I've searched for you
Beyond the stars,
Throughout the years,
And so very far

Somehow I knew
That you were out there,
But that's the thing...
I didn't know where.

When I couldn't find you
I just kept crying,
But I couldn't give up...
I had to keep trying.

He’s out there, I'm thinking.
I continued my search
For the love I was seeking.

From hour to hour,
And from place to place,
I didn't give up
In this heart-rushing race

The days went by,
As well as the years
It had brought me nothing
But painful tears

Then all of a sudden,
There you stood...
Like a beautiful angel
Floating in the woods

Where have you been?
All of my life
I long for the moment
To call you mine.

In love's embrace
We'll be together.
Our love is protected,
And will last forever.

Fate has lead me to you,
The one from above...
My search is over,
I've finally found you,
My one true love...